Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is a Property Fund?

A Capita Property Fund offer investors the chance to participate in the ownership and, in some cases, the development of a parcel of land, earmarked for further development.

A property fund is an investment where investors buy 'units' in an investment operated by a professional, licensed investment manager. The fund's money is invested in a property asset which may include commercial, retail, industrial or other property sector assets.

The investment manager selects and buys investment properties and is responsible for maintenance, administration, rental collection and improvements to the properties.

Your money usually stays in the property fund until it ends, when the properties are sold and the net proceeds are distributed to investors.

Depending on the type of property fund you invest in, you might get a regular income (distributions), usually quarterly or half-yearly, and might also receive a capital gain on your original investment if the value of the fund's property increases.

Why does Capita only offer "select" Funds?

There are generally 2 types of property funds:

1/    "Pooled" Property Funds

2/    "Select" Property Funds

Capita only offers "select" property funds so each investor can easily identify the exact property asset underlying their investment. These details are fully disclosed in the Information Memorandum ("IM") provided to each investor.

During and after the GFC, "pooled" mortgage and property funds received a bad name mostly because the investors could not identify the individual underlying property asset supporting their investments because of the "pooling" or amalgamation of many properties into 1 fund.

What is a "wholesale investor"?

There are 3 main classes of Wholesale Investors:

        1. Investors who invest at least $500,000 in any one opportunity and the minimum           investment is $500,000 (deemed wholesale).

       2. Investors who control assets of ten million dollars or more (self certified).  

       3. Investors can be certified by an accountant on the basis of income and net assets.

What are the benefits to Capita Investors?

Capita "wholesale investors" receive:

  • access to a range of exclusive investment opportunities.
  • Invitations to educational seminars and investment updates presented by investment specialists, economists and industry speakers.
  • Personalised service provided by the Wholesale Investments team.
  • Opportunities to meet with Fund Managers
  • Access to our investment offerings via the Wholesale Investments website

How do I become a "Wholesale" Investor?

This depends on which category you fall into. To become certified in one of the above categories, you simply need to complete an “Application to be treated as a Wholesale Investor”. if you don’t have an existing certificate:

  • you can complete Option A, Option B or Option C of a "wholesale investor" application form. Option B requires additional information from a qualified accountant.
  • Your accountant completes the certificate stating that the investor has income of greater than $250,000 p.a. over the previous two years or has “net assets” in excess of $2.5 million

If you do have a current certificate simply send a copy to Capita Funds Management Limited.