Property Funds are mutual funds, that are used to invest in real estate.

When participating in a Property Fund, the capital you invest is combined with other Investors’ contributions. The structure allows Investors to receive the benefits from a large scale property investment, that they couldn’t normally undertake individually due to the large amount of capital required.

The Investment Manager – the body that offers & oversees the Property Fund - has to be a ASIC licenced entity, with the appropriate financial service accreditations. The Investment Manager takes care of aspects such as maintenance and the development of each project, which takes away the stresses and uncertainties from the Investors

What is a Property Fund?


Investor’s usually receive either:

 A regular distribution; normally monthly or quarterly


  their capital returned plus a profit share when the Fund is wound up - usually when the property(s) are sold.


The Capita Approach

All Capita Property Funds are “single” property funds that have a "single" underlying property asset, providing Investors certainty that their investment isn’t spread over a number of “pooled” properties of varying quality.

Investors are able to easily identify and monitor the progress of the single development project in which their investment will be allocated. Property Development Funds are generally reliant upon sales of the completed property(s) to allow the return of the Investors’ capital



Properties in Capita funds:

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100% of our Investors have received 100% of their distribution and 100% of the capital back from each of our funds

Capita Asset Management holds an Australian Financial Services Licence No 293987 and is one of Australia’s most reputable property funds groups. For over 12 years, we have helped Investors receive premium regular returns from our investments.

Capita’s 3 key directors have over 120 years combined experience in funds management, property development, property sales & marketing and financial services industries.

We are committed to completing quality property projects that are managed effectively and efficiently, with a focus on providing strong profits, having a defined exit strategy, and a medium term investment timeframe (usually 1-3 years).




How we deliver value for investors:

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Our funds traditionally attract:

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